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Castaway 7 Studios
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NEWS: Just in--- 1956 Hammond B3 and late 60's Leslie 122. 1973 Hammond B3 with hott caps -- A real screamer. 1973 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano with Stereo Cab or Leslie 760 - Unbelievable sound, Perfectly in tune. Late 80's Roland Juno 60.

All genres... Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, Punk, Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Karaoke, Voiceover service for Radio and TV.

Looking to transfer cassette, vinyl or tape to CD? We can do that as well.

Studio Details: 32 Channels of high quality 24bit/196k conversion provided by the Apogee AD-16X's and monitoring DA by the Apogee MINI DAC. This conversion rocks!!! We reference on the LSR Series Monitors and Sub made by JBL.

As far as in-house Instruments/Amps: Guitars by Fender, Yamaha, Hondo, Epiphone, and G&L. Basses by Fender and G&L. Amps by Mesa Boogie, Studio .22 (1986), Mark III (1986), Mark IV (Mid 90's), Univox Vintage (early 60's) TAube 1x12, Fender Blues Junior, Marshall JCM 800, Johnson Emulator 2x12,Trace Elliot Acoustic Cube. Cabs: Marshall 4x12. Pedals by: Greenline OD, MXR Vintage Compressor, Ibanez Stereo Chorus (Mid 80's), Chandler Tube Driver, Multivox Vintage Delay Unit, "The Rat" by Rapco, Line 6 Green Delay Unit, Line 6 Bass Pod.